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[Waking up this morning had been harder for Luke that it’d been in a long, long time. The past few weeks had been trying, with nearly everyone around him seeming to fall apart at once. Friends and family arriving from home, fellow Jedi and other people familiar with life in that galaxy so very, very far away were a blessing, but admittedly a mixed one. Each new arrival had seemed to come bundled with a bantha laden with baggage, a load of new problems to be dumped onto the growing pile that seemed to be collecting around the house Luke had called home for a little over two years. That house had seen many people come and go, and every single one of them had their own share of troubles, but never quite as bad as this. Han, Leia, and Anakin had been a perfect storm, a genuine disaster that Luke had no idea how to even begin to approach, and yet he still felt responsible for finding a way to resolve some of the tension. Ahsoka hadn’t helped matters, tearing off without much word to anyone, and all of this wasn’t even taking into account how Obi-Wan must be feeling with his emotions beyond his control.

And then there was today.

A reminder pinned to his mental calendar, a day he’d broken down and just completely failed someone he was supposed to care about. The last time he’d spoken that someone, someone he’d never see again, and one of the few moments he’d ever really regretted in his time in Luceti.

And of course, that had to be the day the Malnosso fulfilled his mission point request for a house expansion. A little bit of cruel irony that he’d expanded the house to better accommodate the influx of people into a home that felt somehow…emptier…than it should have. The second floor was lovely and put together precisely how he’d requested, but somehow stained for him. So, rather than face that chasmal emptiness he gathered up a few things and just left. Enough was enough, and there was only so much tension and emotional turmoil that a single man could take, even with the Force to aid one’s mind.

Luke strides the through the village with a purpose, Artoo rolling along behind him and whistling solemnly, the empathetic little guy the only person with any real inkling of what was running through his head. His first stop is the clinic, where he carries out his early shift with mechanical precision, but once that’s over he silently takes his leave, slipping out the back with the droid. Next, an hour or so in the Battle Dome running through a series of gymnastic exercises, and then he heads to by both the item shop and the flower shop. From the item shop, he picks up a fishing pole, and the flower shop a single winter jasmine and a sprig of wolfsbane. Finally, he’ll end this trip on Cherry Blossom Hill, planting those flowers.

After that, Luke heads straight for the teleporter, and to a place where he’d always liked to go and think: the beach. Sitting in the shade of a tree, he writes out a few notes, though he tosses most of them away before sending out three. After doing that, he lays out under a tree with only his droid and a small, glowing box for company, losing himself in conversation with the two machines.]

Private to Red )

Private to Obi-Wan Kenobi )

Private to Spock )

[OOC: Luke will be out and about, and down at the Beach for the next few days, if anyone needs him or cares to run into him. Sorry for the lack of a more general message.]
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[Well it's about that time of year, when the weather begins to shift and it's beginning to get to the point where cultivating and preparing to for planting season is becoming a necessity. And to get all this started, Luke needs your help. He opens up the journal and smiles at the camera.]

Good afternoon Luceti,

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Luke Skywalker. For the last couple of years I've been tending to some of the farmlands outside the village, trying to build up emergency stores as well as bringing a bit of self-sufficiency to the enclosure. And as some of you may know, within the last year both Nami and Applejack have both departed, leaving the orchards near the farmland untended. I've been tending to them as best I can, but the vast majority of the help I had with the work has also returned home.

In the interest of better utilizing the space I'd like to request the help of anyone willing to volunteer their time with a bit of manual labor. I'm afraid it's simply not going to be possible to manage it all by myself, and any help would be greatly appreciated. It's beginning to near the planting season, after all. I'm happy to offer whatever services I can provide in exchange.

[There's a pause, and he seems to look somewhere off camera.]

On a related note, if there's anyone who knows anything about building irrigation systems, I'd appreciate any advice.

Thank you for your time, and may the Force be with you all.

[Shutting off the feed, he sends out two private messages.]

Filtered to Loki )

Filtered to Trafalgar Law )
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[Luke Skywalker's usual routine isn't really altered by the presence of newcomers. He's got a wedding to attend, but beyond that he'll be doing his usual parkour runs along the rooftops of Luceti, working on the farm and helping out around the Clinic. Good Spirits is another likely place to find him in the evenings, having a cup of hot chocolate.

[Rei's routine is somewhat broken up by the stream of newcomers and Law's wedding, but when she's not working at Tsukino Shrine she'll be around Luceti's village shopping, eating, and taking care of daily life. Sailor Mars does make an appearance at the Battle Dome as well.]

[Saori goes through life as normal, though these new people are certainly exciting! She'll drift around Luceti on a cloud, watching the people coming and going with obvious interest. This many strangers is definite a sight to see, and she's looking for people that she knows or who seem to be showing an interest in the odd lady flying on a cloud.]

[Anko is a little bit put off by all the newcomers. She'll be in the bakery, basically gorging herself on sweets, and if anyone tries to come near the dango they might find themselves dealing with an irate ninja, a poisonous snake, or both. Once it gets dark, she heads over to Good Spirits for a drink or two. Which might make her happy and social. Or it might make her even more irritable...]

[OOC: This is a catchall for Luke, Rei, Sailor Mars, Saori, and Anko. Just let me know which you want in the header, or if you don't care I'll decide randomly.]
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[Taking up the maintenance work had been just the thing Luke had needed. Reeling from the loss of Obi-Wan, he'd just wanted to be away from everyone and everything, friends and girlfriend included. A note for Ami was all he'd really left, promising to be back when he felt up to facing the future after the ridiculousness that was...well...that last shift. And he had to admit that even though it was only low orbit it had been nice to see space again. Being so long cooped up on a single planet was strange to someone who was just used to flying, and it'd done wonders to relieve pressure.

And given him an itch.

For the first day after he returns or so, Luke can be found at the farm, taking care of maintenance after the planting had been finished, while in the afternoon he's busy programming something rather complex on the Battle Dome computer. And of course, he'll be resuming his evening shifts at the Clinic and spending some quiet time at House 46.

However by the 22nd he's finished his project and on 23rd he sends out a generalized broadcast.]


Hello Luceti.

This is Luke Skywalker. It occurs to me that I've not done one of these in some time, so allow me to extend a greeting to the New Feathers from this cycle. I manage the farmland and could always use some volunteers to help maintain it. It's meant to supplement the food supplies granted to us by the Malnosso in the event of an emergency, so it's a rather hefty project that could always use more hands.

Also, I've been working on a little side project at the Battle Dome. If anyone is interested, I've managed to program some training and historical dogfight simulations from my homeworld. Flight simulations, for both X-Wings and Y-Wings, the two kinds of snubfighters I've had the most experience with. I'd appreciate any help testing them for bugs, and if anyone would like to add to them they're more than welcome to do so. If you've ever wanted to fly, it might be a good chance, and it's a skill might be useful if another draft occurs in space.

On an unrelated note, I've apparently missed my own birthday. I'm 31 now, and this is my second in Luceti. It's a little strange, having been on a single planet for so long. For those of you who do remain stationary, how do you manage it? I admit it's got me rather restless.

Thank you for listening, and may the Force be with you.

[Luke will be at the Battle Dome for anyone who wants to try his simulations, and he's got quite a few to choose from...]
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Action for Luke's Discovery )


[After he collects his emotions, a very quiet, stoic Luke Skywalker appears on the journals with Artoo beside him for support. In his hand he has a small leaflet of papers, and his other hand rests on the droid's dome. When he speaks, his voice is firm, but there's a quavering feeling to his words. He's obviously forcing himself to do this.]

Luceti, I regret to inform you that Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi has returned to his home on Tatooine. He left behind a few letters, to Adele Leblanc, Ami Mizuno, Loki Laufeyson, Saori, Beast, Steve Rogers, and Spock. Also, he left a gift for Clint Barton. I will keep them here at House 46 until you are able to pick them up.

And I'm sorry, but I won't be able to cover my shifts at the clinic for a day or two. Please forgive me.

And May the Force be with you, all of you, always.

[Luke shuts down the feed with that. If anyone needs to find him he'll be at home for the next few days, or at Good Spirits having a drink, likely hot chocolate.]
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[It's been a little over a week since the droids grabbed him quietly in his sleep, and now Luke finds himself deposited neatly in a heap next to the fountain. Getting up, he scrubs his face with his hands and shakes his head dazedly. Something...doesn't feel right, and it definitely had something to do with...whatever the Malnosso had done.

After a moment, he braces himself and peers into his reflection the fountain...and finds herself looking back. His lips purse into a line and he groans. The Malnosso, it seems, have an odd sense of humor. At least it was just him in his head this time, though. He's not sure he could've handled sharing his mind with another, not after dealing with Master Sunrider the previous summer.

So, as calmly as he can, face still a tight line, Luke makes his way into one of the clothing shops to find something more appropriate than the thin New Feather dress.

Later on...he'll put out a broadcast, in a decidedly mild, feminine voice.]


Good Afternoon. It's Luke. I've been returned to the village. It seems the Malnosso's sense of humor hasn't gotten any less bizarre. They've apparently replaced all of my clothes, as well. If anyone happens across my blaster, or any of my robes or hydrospanners, could you please let me know? They've all got my name marked on them somewhere.

Voice, Filtered to Ami Mizuno 100%:

Ami, I'm afraid I'm going to need your help with something, when you have a free moment.

["Luke" spends the remainder of the afternoon wandering around the village looking for his things that the Malnosso have ever so kindly hidden from him. He'll be in nearly every shop, but specifically the flower shop to pick up a late White Day gift for a certain someone. Later in the day he'll be up at the farm checking on Hamal and the orchard. And later on, too tired to really care to cook, Luke'll be at Seventh Heaven for a meal and Good Spirits for...copious amounts of hot chocolate.]

(OOC: Luke's kidnapping effect is a genderswap, and because I'm cheeky he looks remarkably like his twin sister Leia Organa Solo. Still the same Luke, though. Replies will come from [personal profile] anotherskywalker If you want to have your character find some object of his, feel free. All I ask is that the blaster get returned without incident.)
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[It hadn't been hard to notice that Commander Shepard had returned home. Artoo had rolled into his room, her pistol carried in his outstretched claw, whistling and beeping. Luke shook his head and went to check it out, unsurprised to find Alia's spartan room completely devoid of anything. It was pretty thorough, and Luke guessed that the gun had been meant as a keepsake.

Which led him to go knocking on the door of the basement lab to see if Mordin was around. He hadn't seen the Salarian in a while, either. Oddly, it was unlocked, an unusual occurrence all on it's own. He headed down into it, and found everything neat and tidy, save for the Salarian's personal effects. A few obviously trapped books, a scribbled note, and a box filled with Medigel with a note "For the Clinic" on it indicated that he too had returned home.

With Ami kidnapped, Valentine's fast approaching, and his housemates either gone or preparing to leave for a camping trip, Luke was feeling his equilibrium slipping. Flipping open his journal, he sent out a broadcast.]

Hello everyone,

I regret to inform you that Commander Alia Shepard and Professor Mordin Solus have both returned to their world. They were good people, and Mordin saved a lot of lives during the last draft. If it's something you do, have a drink for them. They'd appreciate it.

If you have an appointment with me, I'm sorry, I'll have to cancel for the time being. I'll be in Good Spirits this evening, and tomorrow morning I'm heading into the mountains for some time to myself.

And Shepard, Mordin?

May the Force be with you.

[True to his word, Luke will be in Good Spirits for most of the evening, and he'll be around town packing up some supplies for some time in the mountains. Grab him anywhere around town.]
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[When Luke woke up that morning, he got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that there was something strange going on. Sound flooded his senses, and Artoo had rolled into his room, bleeping excitedly. Apparently there were a lot of new people in the village today, and the droid was pretty annoyed. More than usual.

He grabbed up his things, clipped on his lightsaber, and headed out into the rather large number of strangers that'd gathered around Luceti.]

You weren't kidding, Artoo. There are a lot of New Feathers this time around.

[Only, he was beginning to notice...these people didn't have wings. That was new. That hadn't happened before, ever, to his knowledge.]

What's going on?

[Luke makes his rounds as usual, albeit slightly slower, heading around to the Village Clinic, the Battle Dome, the Tea Shop, and the Farm. In the evening, he's probably weirded out enough to have visited Seventh Heaven to indulge in hot chocolate, so feel free to grab him up anywhere, anytime, and for whatever purpose you might have.]
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[Quite early that morning, Luke's elf has actually attempted to engage him in conversation, asking quite a lot of questions about his home and what he misses most. The little creature, while irritating, has managed to get him talking. The Jedi isn't looking, though, and the elf has managed to turn on a voice recording for the village at large.]

"That's right, we don't have Christmas back home."

"Aaahhh. Really? Well what tomfoolery do you celebrate then?"

"We call it Life Day, actually. It has a lot of similar meaning to Christmas for humans, but Wookies in particular consider it a sacred holiday. A lot of the traditions are the same, though the names are a bit different."

"Well, that's certainly quite quaint. Do you celebrate with family, or alone like here?"

"Such as it is, yes. Feast are shared and gifts are given, and in general we enjoy each other's company. And I'm hardly alone."

"Such a shame you have no family here. Guess you'll just have to do things Santa's way this year. So..." [The elf squeaks in surprise as Luke grabs him to take away the journal, realizing that it's on. Besides, he didn't like the creepy tone the elf was taking] "...why don' put me down...and go introduce people to some Life Day traditions? Give some gifts, share some songs, do..."

[Luke cuts him off]

"Sorry everyone, I didn't mean for this little creep to disturb you. I'll be keeping a closer eye on him in the future."

[And then he cuts off the feed, but not before the elf can take a parting shot...]

"I just hope you don't sing as badly as your sister!"

Later that afternoon!

[Luke can be found riding Hamal the Bantha throughout the village during the afternoon. The Jedi himself is dressed as normal, in the heavy black robes he favors, but perched atop Hamal's head is a Santa hat. The enormous creature trundles along through the snow, it's massive feet leaving deep imprints in it, while two large bags bulging with gifts dangle from it's side. More importantly, Hamal's curled horns have been decorated with strands of tinsel. Hamal seems to be enjoying the looks he's getting, and he's actually quite graceful and good at avoiding stepping on things...for a creature of his size, nearly three meters tall and weighing a half ton. Luke's out to have fun and spread a little Life Day cheer, because he knows all too well just how tough things have been lately.

During the trip around the village, Luke will hand out gifts to anyone that he knows well from bantha-back, and if he doesn't know you, or if he only knows you in passing, he'll still happily give you a gift of candies, cookies, or socks. Of course, you may have to dodge Hamal's licking tongue and slobbery kisses if you get too close...]

(ooc: Grab Luke and Hamal anywhere, get gifts, make merry!)
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[Early that morning, Luke rolls out of bed quietly so as not to wake Ami from her Force trance and set about his day. It was a strange thing, really, getting up in the morning and heading into a routine. The week of dreamless sleep had done him a world of good, keeping back nightmares from the draft. Things were getting better. A light breakfast follows, filling the house with smells if housemates are feeling peckish.

For the early part of the day the Jedi went through his typical morning routine. A run around the village, complete with some rather extreme Parkour has him breathing pretty heavy. He stops by the Bakery for a bit of brunch, and then makes his way to the Battle Dome for a bit of practice. Around lunchtime, he can be found at Seventh Heaven and the square before heading out to the Farmland to check on Hamal before heading back to town.

Sometime in the late afternoon, he sends out a Voice message:]

Afternoon everyone, and greetings to any New Feathers who may be listening. As always, I'd like to offer whatever assistance I can. If you need help with something, please let me know.

I've got a bit of a question for anyone who's willing to listen. Is there anything particularly special you do for the end of your first year here? I arrived one year ago, today. And to be honest it's the longest I've spent on a single planet in over a decade. I've got to admit it's a bit of an odd feeling for me.

I've also been curious about people's travel experiences. Have any of you visited other worlds? Or even other continents on your own homeworld? If you haven't, why not?

And on a final note, I regret to inform everyone that Doctor Eggman has returned home again. He was a great help with the farm, and a good friend.

[A few filtered messages follow]

Filtered Messages for Adele, Syre, and Pinkie Pie under the Cut )

[Then he returns shuts the feed.]

(OOC: If you want to run into Luke somewhere, go for it. He'll be all over town today)
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[After returning to the Draft, Luke had immediately seen to making sure that Ami was able to recover, setting aside his own aches and pains for a time and putting her into a Force Trance so that she could rest without needing to fear nightmares. When that was finished, the Jedi started taking care of his own affairs.

First he went out and gathered bandages and other supplies to tend to minor scrapes and injuries, as well as picking up various forms of comfort food. He walked with his hood up to shut out the cool breeze, and because he didn't really want anyone to see just how exhausted he was. He also drops off his notes on the cure and virus with Trafalgar Law. Interested parties could find the Jedi between his home, the clinic and various shops around town, laden with groceries and various first aid supplies.

After returning home, housemates will find him meditating out in the main living area, putting himself into a trance to commune with the Force and try to recenter himself after the ordeal he'd been through. What he'd seen and done, the things he'd had to face were the stuff of nightmares in his world and it would be a long time before he felt he could come to grips with everything. Don't worry about interrupting his meditations, he won't be able to really center himself for a while and it's all an exercise in futility.

After giving up, Luke opens his journal and starts a Voice recording, his words tired and strained, but genuine and grateful]

Good afternoon. This is Luke Skywalker, returned from the draft. I'd like to say a few words, if anyone's willing to listen.

First, I would like to thank the others that worked with me to produce a solution for what we saw there. Professor Mordin, Mia, Daisy, Ami, and Loki all really came through in the end. If you run into them, please offer your thanks. They did us all a big favor, and I only wish I'd been able to contribute more than I did. It was a situation we never want repeated, and hopefully the Malnosso learned from their mistake of sending draftees in so unprepared and uninformed.

Second, I want to extend condolences to anyone who lost someone. I don't really have any idea what happened out there, but you have my sincerest hope that...[He chokes on his words for a moment, remembering Steve] they return soon and as whole as they can be. If there's something I can do, please ask and I'll do what I can to help.

[He pauses to collect himself, his voice very nearly breaking towards the end. He's just being as earnest as he can, trying to help how he can, because that's how Luke copes. He helps.]

Finally, there's a bit of business I'd like to propose. It isn't urgent, but since the Kin'corran refugees came I've been thinking that we should consider putting together some sort of disaster shelter. The tornado, and the events of the last few days have further cemented the idea that this might be wise. I don't know how feasible it is in the immediate future, but it's an idea I'd like to at least discuss. If anyone is willing, I feel this would be a worthwhile project in case we have more refugees, a power outage, or any number of other disasters.

[By the end, he's hoarse, but his voice sounds firmer.]

May the Force be with all of you.

[And the feed cuts]
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[In the mid-morning Luke broadcasts a Video feed through the journal system. He stands squarely in front of the camera and speaks in a clear voice. It was a simple, fairly quick message that was open to anyone willing to listen. The seasons were changing and the first real cold snap couldn't be too far away. That meant...harvest time.]

Good morning everyone, this is Luke Skywalker and like usual I've got quite a lot of things to address. Please bear with me, this might get a little lengthy.

First, as this New Feather Cycle comes to a close I would like to welcome every newcomer to our little purgatory. I know things may seem confusing, and I'd like to offer my help to anyone that needs it. I'm willing to help however I can to make your transition as easy as I can, should you require medical assistance, need help moving heavy things, or even just need someone to talk to, feel free to contact me.

Secondly, I would like to thank Doctor Eggman for his instrumental assistance with the farm. He has been an invaluable help towards keeping everything watered and growing smoothly. His hard work has kept the farm running while I have been preoccupied.

Third, if anyone is available to help this weekend, I would greatly appreciate assistance in bringing in the final harvest of the farm's produce. We managed to actually grow quite a lot, and I'd like to make sure it all gets brought in before the frosts set in. I'll be out there all day on Saturday, and while I have some mechanical aid, more hands or hooves would definitely speed the process up quite a bit. Related to that, the food harvested will be added to shops, as well as preserved and stored where we can manage to find room. I've always felt that it's better to have too much food set aside for emergencies than just enough. [He chuckles]

Finally, I'd like to close with a question, as so many people often do. How do people prepare for winter in your world? I admit that this will be my second winter in Luceti but I've never actually been present for a seasonal shift from autumn to winter. I'm from a desert world, so we have very little in the way of actual winter weather.

Thank you for bearing with me, and may the Force be with you.

[End Transmission]


[Saturday, Luke and Eggman are out and about at the farm, doing their best to collect the harvest with a small flotilla of heavily modified training remotes that have Eggman-style arms attached to pick things. Eggman, of course, is doing zero manual labor, but he's programming robots and maintaining them. A Bantha with large buckets is used to transport the food to the village for storage and consumption, as well as a repulsor-sled. If anyone wants to help with the harvest, the Jedi and the Inventor would definitely appreciate the help.]

(OOC: Tag wherever you'd like and if its an action portion feel free to tag around or thread hop like its a log. I can't promise I'll answer every harvest tag with Luke, but I will try. If you'd like to handwave that your character helped harvest, thats fine too! Lets get all Harvest Moon up inz!)
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[Action, Town Clinic]

[Luke had intended on doing something nice for Ami that evening, since she was stuck at the clinic on her shift until late in the evening. He'd spent most of the afternoon preparing a meal for the two of them to share, but when he arrived at the clinic he'd found something that turned his blood to ice. Signs of a struggle, papers strewn about, and a hastily scrawled note in familiar handwriting. She'd been abducted. Luke took a moment to take stock of the situation before his anger got the better of him and he slammed his cybernetic fist into the wall, leaving a solid dent. Apparently, Catherine's promise to Luke had meant little to nothing, if she had been taken. That stung. A lot.

Inside he was seething, but outside Luke began cleaning up the mess the kidnappers had left, the food forgotten and responsibility taking over. He could keep the tears out of his eyes, for having failed to protect her, the guilt setting in as it had for Lupin and Adele.

Anyone around the clinic, feel free to poke at him. He later sends a few written messages and a broadcast after he's regained control of his voice and his emotions. He needs to talk, otherwise the anger will take hold again, so...]

[Written, Private to Trafalgar Law]

Law, its Luke. The Malnosso have abducted Doctor Mizuno. In her absence, I will take over her shifts. I feel like I should do something to help out, so that things can keep going smoothly.

[Written, Private to Adele Leblanc]

Adele, I may need your help at the Clinic. Ami's been kidnapped, and I'm going to take over her shifts at the Clinic. If something comes up that I can't deal with, I hope I can rely on you. I feel I should help, so that service isn't interrupted.

Good evening everyone, this is Luke Skywalker. I've got a few things to talk about, so I'd like to say.

First, I'd like to welcome all of the New Feathers, or returning residents. I'm a little late in doing so, and for that I apologize. If you should require help with anything, please don't hesitate to send me a message or come by House 46. I would be glad to offer any assistance I can. The same, of course, applies to any residents, not just New Feathers.

Second, I'd like to extend an offer to anyone who is interested in working with what limited resources we have available to further improve quality of life in the village. I've had some success with Mister Stark and R2D2, as well as Doctor Eggman, in creating some basic technological implements, But technology isn't entirely what I had in mind. I recently became aware that we have a large section of land that is, or was, farmland. I'm wondering if anyone still works with them, and if not would anyone be interested in helping to get them operational again? In light of recent events I am of the opinion that providing food for ourselves when we can would never be an unwise decision. Would anyone be willing to help with this?

Finally, I have a philosophical musing for anyone keen to such things. If one already possesses great power, is it strange to desire more? Down the same vein, what does power mean to you? Is it something you crave for yourself, or for others? And...what good is having power if you cannot use it?

Please, share your thoughts, and take care.
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Groaning, Luke Skywalker rolled over in the warm sun of an early morning. Sitting up, he squeezed the bridge of his nose, blinking all around him. He was out by the lake, and he was still in Luceti. All he could remember was being woken from sleep by a loud banging at his window, and then blackness. Something felt off, that was sure, but he wasn't sure what. Shakily, he got to his feet and dazedly made his way over to the lake.

As he...looked into the lake, her jaw dropped, eyes widening. A female face stared back with the same shocked look, clad in New Feather garb. A familiar face, that of Grandmaster Sunrider, greeted him. To his further surprise the reflection began to speak, echoing through his mind. When it finished, things were a lot clearer. And so was her mind. Turning away from the water, Nomi Sunrider stared at the journal on the ground in front of her. Deep in the back of their mind, Luke Skywalker nodded in agreement. There wasn't much else to be done, if Luke was to be in control it would tax both of them. He knew she'd slipped him into a trance to spare him the pain of experimentation, and now she was willing to take his responsibilities until whatever the Malnosso had done could be undone.

Taking the journal, Nomi opened it up and Luke sent out a message in a distinctly...female voice. They agreed that not everyone needed to know what was going least right away.

"Greetings residents of Luceti. This is Luke Skywalker, and...I'm having a bit of a situation. I was taken by the Malnosso, and I'm feeling a little weak. I am out by the lake, and if anyone could bring a spare suit of clothing, some water, and some pain killers I would be in your debt."


Later that afternoon, and all week, Luke/Nomi can be found around the village. Its pretty weird, even for a Jedi, so...expect lots of confusion and mostly to be speaking to Nomi. Feel free to poke at them throughout the week, just denote a day.
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[Today, Luke is fairly active and out and about. The sleeping troubles caused by the possessive ghost of Nomi Sunrider were getting him down, but for the time being the ancient Jedi in his head seemed content to let him have THIS day. He wakes up quite early, and instead of his usual exercises and meditation, he can instead be found at the item shop, riffling through a myriad of junk like he does periodically, checking for objects from home. Today, he's feeling particularly lucky, luck would have it he finds something. A package of cards, with strange, circular cards covered in Corellian script. Pocketing them, he makes his way around to the bakery, picking up a few pastries, and even sits down in the tea house, thumbing through the cards with a happy look on his face.

Eventually he makes his way home, stopping to pick up food from a shop. When he gets home he takes great pains to clean the entire house, with the help of R2D2 and a trio of small remote droids that he'd finally finished constructing.]

[Voice: failed filter to Leia Organa Solo]

Leia, I know this transmission won't reach you, but it wouldn't feel right to not send it. Happy Birthday. Give my warmest regards to Han and the kids.

[Voice: sometime during the early afternoon]
Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who's helped me cope with the troubles I've been having these past few weeks. They seem to have subsided for the moment.

Also, today is my thirtieth birthday. I'm not really sure what birthdays mean in your worlds, but in mine it is a day for family and friends to get together and have a meal. Most of my family is not here, but I would very much like it if people would stop by and share some sort of food with me. Anyone is welcome, as I'm always glad to make new acquaintances, and its considered auspicious to make friends on one's birthday. I'm happy to prepare food from my home, as well, should anyone be curious enough to try it.

If you are available, my door will be open to anyone today. Community House 5, Room 24. I'd very much like to have people visit.

[With that, he closes the feed, the seal of the New Republic broadcasting for a brief moment]
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[Action, Late Night on Thursday]

[Late on Thursday night, Luke Skywalker wakes up from a nightmare with a fairly loud gasp. In his dreams he'd been chased by something dark, and shrouded in an obscuring fog. The fog had been lit by something, a brilliant orange and gold light that permeated the entire dreamscape, leaving him quite perplexed as to the manner of the dreams. To make matters worse, the dreams had all been in the familiar surroundings of Luceti. That was a first, when he dreamed it was usually of home, and not here. Compounding his confusion was the fact that he had rarely dreamed such vivid dreams, and truthfully considered them less dreams and more visions granted by the Force. Clearly, something was going on.

Looking around his room, Luke was dismayed to note that nearly everything had shifted in the night, almost as though he'd had another psychic tremor and rattled everything in the apartment, as had happened after Valentine's Day. Surely Anakin and Obi-Wan would be worried should they have heard his outburst.

Luke pulls on his robe and wanders out into the common area, calling out to the other Jedi]

Anakin? Obi-Wan? Did...either of you feel that?

[He squeezes his nose with his fingers, a massive headache suddenly setting in. Something was definitely NOT right here. His mind swam with images of grand cities, steaming jungles, and of a dark haired man being shot...with a blaster. Another wave of emotion burns within him, the room beginning to rattle again...]

[Voice, the next morning!]

Good morning everyone. This is Luke, and I have a few questions for anyone with the time. In particular, I'm curious to speak to anyone with any knowledge about ghosts and spirits. If you have a few moments, I'd very much like to ask you some things, in person if possible.

Also, I've recently grown curious about dreams. How do you feel about them? Do you like dreams? What do you dream about?

[Luke's tone sharpens slightly]

Do you ever dream of things...and have them come to pass? Do you have nightmares? you dream of home, or Luceti?

I realize that I'm asking quite a lot of questions. Please, if you feel like sharing I'd like to hear from you. Thank you for listening to me.
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[Luke Skywalker has had an eventful few weeks, what with Anakin arriving, and breaking the news to his father about his rather dark future, not to mention the New Feather cycle. He'd patrolled the woods for newcomers, and spent many afternoons introducing himself to and attempting to help New Feathers get adjusted to life in Luceti. Not to mention the recent the from the last weekend.

That was beginning to be a common theme, blank days in his memory, and it was starting to be more than mildly disconcerting. Luke was genuinely starting to get angry at having his mind wiped by the Malnosso. To alleviate some of this, Luke decided that today would probably be an excellent day for exercise, and perhaps finding someone to train with. He'd talked to some people in the past about working on Jedi philosophy, martial training, and even meditative practice but due to the New Feather cycle, Anakin, and the confusion regarding the attack on the Battle Dome things had just not worked out.

He sends out a message to the village in Video form during the morning, before stepping outside to begin his own practice]

Good morning Luceti. I trust this morning finds you all well. I have a bit of a request. I would like to find someone to help me train today. Its been a while since I've had anyone to spar with, and equally as long since I've had an exercise partner. If anyone is interested, please contact me. I will be around Community House Five, so if you'd prefer, please stop by.

Moreover, if anyone is interested, I feel like today is a fine day for a hike and would love company.

[After his morning, he heads about his business in the village, stopping by the shops to pick up a few odds and ends like nutrient bars, a travelling pack, and some canteens.

Following this, he begins to make preparations for a rather lengthy hike, planning on heading out into the woods and just walking until he feels like its time to turn around. Why? Because he knows that he needs to relax and take time to smell the Kibo. Even if there aren't any Kibo flowers here. All the little things are starting to build up, and he can ill afford a tantrum of his own, having just prevented Anakin's explosion the previous week.

Its a fine spring day, and he does hope that someone will join him on his walk]

(OOC: Feel free to grab Luke pretty much anywhere. In the morning, in town, over the journal, before his hike, out on his walk, or really whatever you want.)
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[Something in the early afternoon, Luke Skywalker's voice crackles over the journals. His voice sounds somewhat tired, but filled with cheer. In the background, there is a small thrumming sound that anyone familiar with mechanics would recognize as something Droid related. Could his good mood be related to the machines, or something else?]

Good afternoon, everyone.. Let me apologize in advance for the long message. I've got quite a few things to bring up.

I wanted to let everyone know that we made it back safely from the mission. I would like to commend Leonardo, Gambit, Chien, Sheena, and Sailor Mercury for their exemplary performance out in the jungle. There were no significant complications, and the entire thing went off without any trouble. I am not entirely sure of the purpose of our spying, but I suppose our keepers don't require my understanding, merely my obedience. That said, they were fairly reasonable with their rewards. I managed to procure a small supply of power cells from home. The droids I was working on previously are coming along nicely.

I've been informed by Obi-Wan that there was a town meeting in my absence. If possible, and there are projects discussed that I could help with, please don't hesitate to bring them up with me. I'm quite curious to see what was discussed, and if there is anything that you would like to address, please do.

Next, I would like to invite any interested parties to marathon the films I addressed in my last transmission. Obi Wan and I have managed to gather all 6, and would be interested in viewing them with some of our friends. Yes, I realize this is an extremely odd idea, watching myself as seen by a storyteller, but curiosity has gotten the better of me.

Finally, I'm quite confused by all this talk of Valentine's Day. What is it? I'm told that it has something to do with love? I'm also told that when one is in love with another its expected that they offer gifts to that person? What...sort of things would be appropriate? I do not want to disappoint a certain important someone.

[He leaves that deliberately vague, not wanting to embarrass Ami publically]
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Good morning, anyone who may be listening in at this hour. I have a few questions, for anyone who may or may not be so inclined to answer them.

Firstly, does anyone remember anything that happened last weekend at all? I have spent the last few days meditating, and it seems worrisome that several days have just blanked out of my mind. I feel as though something important happened, but I can't remember.

Secondly, does anyone around here know anything about acquiring power supplies for machinery? I've broached the topic with a few others, but I would like to ask everyone as a whole. I'm attempting to reconstruct some of the technology from my world and would need a few small odds and ends to do so.

Finally, I'm told by some people in the village that there is a series of popular movies...that apparently are about me and the other members of the Rebel Alliance. I...find myself curious, and would very much like to see these for myself. I will admit the thought unnerves me a little, but I'd like to know if anyone has a copy they would be willing to share.


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